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Our specially curated menu includes notable flavors from Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam - and many more that pay homage to Southeast Asian cuisines.

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The Supersize Mi Challenge

The Supersize Mi Challenge


You have 90 minutes to finish a bowl packed with 3 pounds of noodles and 3 pounds of meat.
The bowl is $65.00 -- but if you win, it's free!

Winners will also receive
$100 in Credit
Name on the Wall of Fame
& a FREE Appetizer for EVERY Visit PHO LIFE!

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Our Story

With the vision to create a one-stop noodle bar & with the culinary expertise of our chefs, we began the journey to design a space that would captivate our future patrons’ appetites. Executive Chef and Owner, Alvin Lin, has 15 years of experience at renowned restaurants (Tao, Buddakan, Aquavit and La Chine). Before opening Mi Noodle Bar, Chef Alvin ventured home to Southeast Asia to work alongside other industry leaders to further his knowledge and sharpen his culinary skills. We hope our noodle bar reflects our passions in providing an authentic experience of the intricate flavors that these Southeast Asian noodle dishes have to offer.

What makes Mi Noodle Bar stand out?

Our menu showcases the delicious & nostalgic flavors of the Southeast. Each of our main dishes are based from different Southeast Asian regions, and are made with different types of noodles. Mi Noodle Bar creates an opportunity for our patrons to discover these flavors in New York City. It truly is a one-stop Southeast Asian noodle bar.